Hello everyone,

 I hope you all are well and having a peaceful Sunday.  I would like to take a few minutes of your time and share with you how our weekend has gone relating to our shag contest. 

Not sure where to start while trying to explain how well our event has gone over the weekend.  First, the setting was more than appropriate and very elegant.  We had many great competitive dancers in town to compete and entertain our guests.  We had a total of 41 couples competing in our contest from the Junior 1 to the Professional Division.  I will post the contest results below. 

For our members that participated in some fashion, on behalf of the club and the board members I wish to Thank You for your support.  Without the support this event would not be possible.  We also had many outside sponsors that spend a lot of money to sponsor our event and in most cases advertise their businesses.  We are getting our sponsors added to the EBSC website this week.  I ask that you take a look at our list of sponsors and for you to give consideration to give our vendors an opportunity to earn your business.

It's been an awfully long weekend and this has been a fantastic event and shag contest for our club.  I wish you all a great week!

Have a great afternoon friends!


Eno Beach Shag Club Contest Results

 Junior 1- 5 Couples

 1.  Tucker Brown and Gracie Pandure

2.  Billy West and Maci Walters

3.  Zane Morgan and Brooke Farrior

4.  Bennett Rusmisell and Payton Carter

5.  Easton Brown and Graylen Kirby


Junior 2- 6 Couples 

1.  Trey Henley and Lizzie Batten

2.  Kaleb  Brown and Lauren Cookman

3.  Grayson Free and Karsyn Folds

4.  Cody Morgan and Meredith Padgett

5.  Maxwell Rusmisell and Kali Walters

6.  Jason Long and Mallory Padgett



1.  Alan Beddingfield and Carrie Elder

2.  Terry Chenowith and Sharon Craft

3.  Charlie Oliver and Cathryn Petit

4.  Mike Valle and Marie Brown


CSA Amateur-  9 Couples

1.  John Cobb and Annie Bost

2.  Hampton and Judy Cobb

3.  Gary and Becky Doran

4.  Tony Hiott and Lynn Stocker

5.  Robin and Dottie Wilson

6.  Tony Wolter and Barbara Smith


CSA Novice

1.  Tripp and Crystal Turner

2.  Tony and Page Payne

3.  Tommy Manibusan and Robbie Brunson

4.  Tae Bowden and Jewell Pradier

5.  Clay and Cheryl Parker

6.  Tim and Kris Long


CSA Senior Pro- 4 Couples

1.  Gene Pope and Pat Folds

2.  Archer and Pat Joyce

3.  Jim and Dale Hern

4.  John and Tina Phillips


CSA Pro- 5 Couples

 1.  Joey and Jennifer Sogluizzo

2.  Grant Garmon and Krystal Bravo

3.  Austin Pope and Taylor Perkinson

4.  Kevin and Jennifer Payne

5.  Bryan and Kim Renn